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Áskorun til IPF

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Stjórn KRAFT ásamt stjórnir allra kraftlyftingasambanda innan NPF sendi í dag eftirfarandi áskorun til IPF.
Stjórn KRAFT sendi jafnframt stuðningskveðju til kraftlyftingasambands Úkraínu.

NPF – the Nordic Powerlifting Federation, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden want to make this view clear;
we call for full exclusion of Russia and Belarus from our sport.

We all follow the developments on the tragic and dangerous situation in Ukraine. The Russian attack on Ukraine, supported by Belarus, is a blatant breach on international law and is unacceptable. At the moment, a wide ranging set of coordinated international sanctions are being developed within a broad range of sectors, hereunder at EU and NATO level. The Russian attack on the Ukrainian people and breach of international law, demands international condemnation and sanctions. 
On this background and in accordance with the IOC EB recommendations we urge the IPF EC to rule the following: 

Russian and Belarussian athletes shall not participate in international  powerlifting events outside of Russia or Belarus.

All planned IPF  events scheduled to take place in Russia and Belarus are to be cancelled  with immediate effect.

Russian and Belarussian sport leaders and officials shall be suspended from their positions within IPF.

To ensure the global powerlifting community stand united and strong in these times, we also request IPF to urge the regional federations to also adopt the above sanctions.