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IPF hefur tekið saman minnisblað til yfirdómara á kraftlyftingamótum. Það má skoða HÉR.
Sambandið hefur líka sent frá sér tilkynningu um smávægilegar breytingar á keppnisreglum:

Page 10 “yellow card” and Page 19

Foot movement after the command “Down” will not be cause for failure – following on to item 5  Causes for Disqualification of a Deadlift.  That is comparable to that of the squat after the word “Rack”.

There are some who obviously do not consider the lift to be completed after the signal, as it is, apart from releasing the bar before it contacts the platform.

Page 12:
Rule for Costume (g): Non-Factory alterations to tighten suits and shirts are not illegal when done in the  form of pleats. However, the pleats must be made only on the  manufacturer’s original seams. These pleats must be
made on the inside of the suit or shirt.  Any alterations made on areas other than the manufacturer’s seams are  illegal. Pleats may not be sewn back onto the body of the  garment.

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