New results website launches!

Many hours of blood, sweat and tears (mostly sweat though) have gone into creating the new results website!

It contains results of Kraft-meets – but in a new and much better way than before!

These people did it

Results in the database were entered by these hard-working people, who you have to thank for the contents of the website:

Helgi Briem, Maria Gudsteinsdottir, Júlían J.K Jóhannsson, Gry Ek and Klaus Jensen! Check out who entered the most results.

The website was developed and is hosted by Klaus Jensen and his company

I want to see it NOW!

Go to

How complete is the database?

All results from 2004 and forward should be entered – what we could find that is. There is still results from meets that go back to 1978, that we want to put in the database over time.

I want to help! What can I do?

You can send an email to [email protected] if you want to help enter the missing results. It is very simple work and can be done when you have time.

I have an opinion or some feedback!

Go to the feedback page and see how you can contact us! Of course you are also welcome to write in the comments below.

You can help and possibly increase your deadlift!

I am looking for a few volunteers to take part in a project involving the website.

No special qualifications needed, and it will only require you to do spend a few hours in front of your computer doing some very simple work (you decide when – and how much you want to do).

When the project is launched, I am sure it will bring lots of excitement to the Kraft-community, you will get full credit for your work and the thanks of your grateful powerlifting-friends. Your deadlift will also increase by 20kg (this is unconfirmed). 😉

Contact me on Facebook or via email  for more information, if you are interested in participating!

Best regards

Klaus Jensen
[email protected]

Spennandi liðakeppni

Ármenningar og Massamenn börðust hart um sigurinn í stigakeppni liða á Íslandsmótinu. Í fyrra sigruðu Ármenningar og mættu ákveðnir í að endurtaka leikinn. Bæði liðin fengu 66 stig og þurfti að telja gullverðlaunin. Þá kom í ljós að gullin voru jafnmörg, og þurfti að telja silfrið. Massi var með eitt silfur meira og ættu þeir að heiðra silfurverðlaunahafa sína sérstaklega!